The project is proposed and supervised by Gijs Nelemans.
The website and python-packages are made by Shu-Xu Yi, Sjoerd T. Timmer, Christiaan Brinkerink and Zuzanna Kostrzewa-Rutkowska in Radboud University.

Other developments:

Fiorenzo Stoppa is working on a parallel algorithm of simulating observation with ground-based detectors. Kai Hendriks is working on incorporating EM counterparts into the toolbox.


Stanislav Babak and Antoine Petiteau assisted with the usage of Mock LISA Data Change codes; Alvin Chua helped on EMRI Kludge Suite.

How to cite:

If you make use of the GW Toolbox application in your work, please cite our paper and use the following acknowledgement: "This work has made use of the GW Toolbox web application" or in case you use our python module: "This work has made use of gwtoolbox, a python module to simulate gravitational wave detections".